Housing Now Community Meeting

In December 2018 Toronto City Council launched Housing Now, an initiative that takes a critical step forward in addressing Toronto’s current and future housing needs. Housing Now will create mixed-income communities on public land by providing a mix of affordable rental, market rental and ownership housing options. The new affordable rental homes will remain affordable for 99 years, providing quality housing for future generations. 705 Warden Ave. has been identified as one of the sites for Housing Now.

Community Meeting:

The City of Toronto and CreateTO will be holding a Community Meeting in our neighbourhood to introduce the Housing Now Initiative and share and seek feedback on the conceptual design and preliminary directions for 705 Warden Ave.

When: Thursday, June 13, 2019 – 6:00 – 9:00 pm (presentation at 7 pm)

Where: Warden Hilltop Community Centre – 25 Mendelssohn Street

Oakridge Arts Market, Fun Fair & Bells

Oakridge Arts Market, Fun Fair & Bells! A great event for the whole family on Saturday, June 15

Interested in participating as a vendor for the Arts Market?
Prefer to be a vendor for the Yard Sale?
Contact Oakridge CRC at 416-338-1966.

Community consultation on May 16th

I’m hosting a community consultation on May 16th to share a plan developed in partnership with Toronto Transportation, Parks, and Parking Enforcement in an effort to alleviate the traffic congestion in the warmer months on streets closest to Bluffers Park (Thatcher, St.Quentin, Larwood, Redlane, Barkdene, and potentially Gradwell and Eastville).

As residents of these streets, your presence and participation is invaluable.

TRCA Update – Lake Ontario Water Levels 2019

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) issued a Shoreline Hazard Warning on April 30, 2019 in response to rising water levels in Lake Ontario. Later the same day it issued a Watershed Conditions Statement in advance of the anticipated rainfall that is expected in the GTA over the next few days.

Water levels in Lake Ontario are rising quickly and are expected to continue rising until late May or early June. Properties along the Lake Ontario shoreline and on the Toronto Islands could begin to experience the effects of flooding. Large waves may exacerbate erosion and flooding.

TRCA has been working with City of Toronto staff since last week to address potential impacts, providing assistance and guidance by forecasting and updating local conditions, identifying and monitoring at-risk shoreline areas and providing risk mapping. TRCA is also deploying staff and resources to prepare for high water levels on Toronto Islands by setting up pumps and sandbags, and monitoring other shoreline areas. Staff will be deployed as needed, over the coming weeks to assist with response operations. Our collective response to this event is benefitting from the lessons learned and plans developed in response to the 2017 high water event.

Lake Ontario water levels are influenced by several factors, including water flowing in from Lake Erie and runoff from the watersheds that drain into Lake Ontario. Water flowing out of the lake is controlled at Moses-Saunders Dam near Cornwall, by the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board (ILOSRB). In regulating water flowing out of Lake Ontario, the ILOSRB must balance risks associated with areas downstream of the lake. The ILOSRB has decreased flows from Lake Ontario to minimize flood risks along the St. Lawrence River. The combination of reduced outflows from Lake Ontario, high inflows from Lake Erie, and continued runoff from surrounding watersheds is the reason Lake Ontario levels are expected to continue rising.

Residents are reminded to avoid and/or exercise caution around all Lake Ontario shoreline areas. Use extra caution when around any water bodies, and stay away from any areas experiencing erosion or any areas that are flooded.

Major Road Resurfacing on Danforth Road

Major Road Resurfacing on Danforth Road, from north of Danforth Avenue to north of St. Clair Ave E.

The project is expected to start late July 2019 and be completed by mid November 2019. This project will allow the contractor to work extended hours in order to minimize the distruption to traffic and the surrounding community.