Stronger Together

Systemic racism plagues society today and has done so for hundreds of years. For far too long the black community have been unjustly treated by some members of society and other authority figures. This has led to feelings of hate, animosity, and even fear. Change must happen. The time is ...
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Here’s what you need to know:

I will be posting the latest links to news and updates, on the COVID-19 pandemic, daily. While social media can be a tremendous tool for communication, it can also raise concerns and anxiety unnecessarily for some. If you are working to limit exposure to the endless information stream, you can ...
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Covid 19 Stay at Home graphic

Social Media Resources

We recognize that this is a challenging and difficult time for every Torontonian, as each day brings new issues and decisions. With our national, provincial and municipal organization focused on dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and we applaud their efforts. For related posts, visit my public facebook page. It’s updated regularly and ...
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